We have over 15 years of experience in delivering quality battlefield tours to our clients and believe we know every inch of our battlefields – both past and present.

In 2020, COVID 19 forced us to change our business model. When we began, we offered a mixture of what we called open and bespoke tours.

An open tour, as its name suggests, is open to all. It is scheduled to take place at a specified week or weekend in the year and it is a tour which anyone can join.

A bespoke tour is one that is designed for, and delivered to, an existing group of cyclists – usually a cycling club, work colleagues, families or simply a group of friends. As its name suggests, these tours are tailor-made to suit individual interests and abilities.

Unfortunately, we can no longer afford to offer the type of open tours which, in the past, had been so popular with individual cyclists. Instead, at least in 2021, we will be concentrating exclusively on delivering bespoke tours.

We can deliver tours for cyclists of all abilities ranging in length from a single day, a weekend or a week-long package. In catering for a wide spectrum of cyclists – from the ‘serious’ to the ‘recreational’ – we also do not restrict ourselves simply to the battlefields of the twentieth century.

In addition to delivering bespoke tours on battlefields we know and love, we like nothing better than the challenge of developing new tours for those that have a unique interest; like, for instance, following in the footsteps of Henry V as he went from his victory at Harfleur, through the travails of his march towards Calais, and on to final victory at Agincourt (yes we did that ride in 2015 – the 600th Anniversary of the Battle).