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Areas of expertise:
Waterloo Campaign
Great War
Normandy and
Arnhem 1944

Mike Peters is a serving Army Air Corps Officer with extensive operational experience in Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq (where he served during both Gulf wars) and Afghanistan. He has been leading battlefield tours for more than twenty years.

Mike’s experience and knowledge of tactics gives him a soldier’s eye for ground and the implications of terrain on weapon systems. His intimate knowledge of modern Air Assault operations also enables Mike to explain the detail of the parachute and glider operations of World War Two from a practitioner’s viewpoint. Mike regularly leads tours of the Landing Zones of Sicily, Normandy, Arnhem and the Rhine Crossings.

Mike enjoys touring with clients of all ages and regularly works with groups as diverse as schools and military units. He is a regular contributor of articles to military journals and magazines and is a published author in his own right having produced the definitive account of the Glider Pilot Regiment during Operation Market Garden – ‘Glider Pilots at Arnhem’. He is currently writing a book on the British Airborne landings on Sicily.

Mike has appeared as a presenter with Battlefield History TV, contributing to films and DVDs on Pegasus Bridge, The Glider Pilot Regiment, Operation Market Garden and the Waterloo campaign.

As well as being at home with the Second World War experiences of the Glider Pilot Regiment, Mike has established a reputation for guiding the campaigns of Wellington, particularly Waterloo.

Mike was appointed Chairman of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides in late 2011.