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Areas of expertise:
Ypres Salient
The Fall of France
The Rhine
Airborne Operations
Berlin – Cold War & Home Front
The Home Front

Dr John Greenacre spent twenty four years in the British Army before retiring in 2011. Originally commissioned into the Royal Corps of Transport, John later trained as a helicopter pilot and transferred to the Army Air Corps in 1995. His extensive operational experience includes deployments to Iraq and Kuwait, Bosnia and Northern Ireland. A graduate of the Joint Services Advanced Command and Staff Course, John can speak with authority on a diverse array of military disciplines and environments including logistics and air support.

John is comfortable working with a wide range of age groups and frequently guides school groups around Ypres, on the Somme and in Berlin.

In 2009 John was awarded a Ph.D by the University of Leeds. His thesis on ‘The Capability Development of British Airborne Forces during the Second World War’ has, unsurprisingly, given him an intimate insight into British airborne operations from the early raids of 1941 and 1942, across the Mediterranean from 1942 to 1944 and from Normandy to the Rhine in 1944 and 1945. In 2010 his thesis was published by Pen & Sword under the title ‘Churchill’s Spearhead’.

John is a born and bred Lowestoft man with an extensive family lineage of Suffolk fishermen and farmers. This not unnaturally led to a natural interest in the experience of the town and its surroundings during both the First and Second World Wars and the development of his unique ‘Home Defence’ tours of East Anglia.